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1、Billing Instructions

PICPIK.AI charges based on the purchase and consumption of "credits." Billing items are divided into three categories: Basic Inference, Advanced Inference, and LoRA Training (see details below).


PlanFree100 Credits500 Credits1K Credits5K Credits10K Credits50K Credits100K CreditsMore
Price$0$2.9( Initial Price)$35.90$42.90$178.90$288.90$929.90$1,429.90Contact Business
Retained Generated Images256 pics256 pics256 pics256 pics256 pics256 pics256 pics256 pics
Storage Capacity(Free)50 GB50 GB50 GB50 GB50 GB50 GB50 GB50 GB
Web UI
Third-Party Models
Validity PeriodOne-yearOne-yearOne-yearOne-yearOne-yearOne-yearOne-yearOne-year
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3、Credits Usage

PICPIK.AI's image generation functions are divided into Basic Inference and Advanced Inference. The credits consumption varies:

Basic Inference

The cost is determined by the pixel count of the final image. The system charges 1 credit per million pixels. Additional credits are charged for each extra million pixels. The initial credit count is 1. At the same time, the API of the query class will be available for free.

For instance, one 1024*1024px image costs 2 credits due to falling within the (1~2] million-pixel range.

Advanced Inference

Similar to Basic Inference, pricing is based on pixel count. Initial cost for images up to 1 million pixels is 2 credits, with an extra 2 credits for each additional million pixels.

For instance,one 1024*1024px image, falling within the 1-2 million pixel range, the cost using the local redraw function is 4 credits.

Lora Training

Model training is charged according to the training time and costs 1 credit/minute.

Here is the list of credit consumption corresponding to different pixel ranges:

Image Resolution/MPBasic Inference (credits/pic)Advanced Inference (credits/pic)Lora Model Training
Basic AI-generated Images、Background Removal、Image Upscaler、Retrieve Image Description、Face Swap、Facial RestorationAI-generated Images with ControlNet、AI Repaint、Clean up、Style Transfer、Content Extraction, Background Addition, Model ImagesConsume credits based on training duration
(0~1] MP121credit/min
(1~2] MP24
(2~3] MP36
(3~4] MP48
(4~5] MP510
(5~6] MP612
(6~7] MP714
(7~8] MP816
(8~9] MP918
~ MP
(33~34] MP3434

Note Maximum Image Size: Longest Edge=2880 px Magnification Factor: Longest Edge =5760 px Retrieve Image Description: Longest Edge=5760 px

4、About Expiration

To ensure your experience, here's how we handle service package expiry:

  1. Package Validity and Renewal: Your package is valid for one year from purchase. Renew before expiry to carry over remaining credits. Failure to renew will reset your credits.
  2. Excess Storage: When the actual storage usage exceeds the total free capacity(50GB), inference tasks using PICPK.AI's models can still be executed. However, functions such as uploading pics to the training set and training models, uploading models to the model library, and merging models will fail due to insufficient capacity.
  3. Renewal Reminders: To prevent inconvenience caused by package expiration, we will notify you in advance via email of the expiry date and provide corresponding renewal or upgrade options.

For any inquiries or assistance, please contact our customer support team( or click here (opens in a new tab).