Better Models, Higher Quality

We are constantly polishing and optimizing our preset models.
No need to go through a learning curve and master all kinds of advanced techniques to produce highly expressive images!

* The following images were generated by PICPIK.AI

Realistic, rich in detail
Realistic portraits
Characters or scenes
3D Icons
Technological icons
Building renderings
Space renderings
Concept or rendering
Nature, city, and more

Natural Expriessions

Infinite Creativity

Understand your prompts with AI and vector database technology. From English to any language, make expressions more fluent, natural, and efficient.

All Your Needs for


Easy-to-use and powerful fine-tuning capabilities with data protection. Finishing a fine-tuning job in 10 min.* Still a hassle? Model Marketplace offers all you want!

* Fine-tuning for a face model can be completed in 10 min.

Integrated Plugin, Accessible AI
* Only Photoshop 2022 and above are currently supported

Seamless Access to Workflow

Being implanted into Photoshop and other commonly used software, integrating AI with the original capabilities. Help you get started faster!

Depth / OpenPose…

Rich Options for Img2Img

Implement and simplify ControlNet and other native functionalities about reference images. Applicable to all kinds of scenarios of img2img.

Useful AI Widgets
* Parts of the features are currently being tested internally. Stay tuned.


Multi-person on task synchronously. Up to 15 people with only one account.

Face Swap

Fuse two images. Replace the face in one with the look in the other.

Picture Enlargement

Intelligently enlarge pictures losslessly and freely.

Background Removal

Get a PNG with a transparent background in one click. *

Image Layering

Layering images by AI technology based on their content. *

Vector Conversion

Converts bitmaps to vectors, scaling to any resolution without blurring. *

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