Guide to Installing The Plugin

Guide to Installing The Photoshop Plugin

Confirm the Photoshop Version

Make sure that the version of Photoshop is not less than 23.3.0 (you can check this in the Photoshop "About" menu), which corresponds to Photoshop 2022.

Download and Extract the Provided Archive

Placing into the Photoshop Plugin Directory

Locate the installation directory of Photoshop and move the extracted folder picpik_ps_plugin_lastest into the "Plug-ins" directory. If there is an older version of the plugin, you can overwrite it.

Plugin Folder

Activate in Photoshop

Open the Photoshop's "Extensions" menu and select the Picpik plugin. If the panel appears blank, you can try clicking the "Reload Plugin" option in the upper-right corner of the menu.

Plugin Folder