Error codes

Error code

This article provides a list of error codes that can be used as reference.

Error codemeaning
150Service internal error
171Signature error
230The request parameter cannot be parsed into json
216201Request parameter parsing error
216213Failed to generate image
216218Image enlargement failed
216223The current user is not valid or has been disabled
216226Main model not found
216230The number of parallel tasks has reached the upper limit
216233Swap face failed
216268Unable to obtain image generation task information
216272The image generation task does not belong to the current user
216273The image generation task has been terminated
216274Image generation task timed out
216275Face repair failed
216281Error in request parameter parsing
216282BatchSize out of range
216283Steps out of range
216284CfgScale out of range
216285Sampler is not available
216286The size of the raw image exceeds the maximum limit
216287Insufficient API points
216288Picture generation failed
216294InPaint parameter parsing failed
216296The number of query graph generation tasks has reached the maximum
216297The raw image size is too small
216298Main model not found
216299Sub model not found
216300The reference picture is empty
216301ControlNet image upload failed
216302ControlNet preprocessor not found
216303Reference scale is out of range
216304Model type mismatch
216305Unable to parse and upload images