API Reference (Legacy)
Get Usage of API Credits

Get Usage of API Credits

Action GetApiPointUsage



This interface is no longer maintained.

This interface is used to query the usage of API credits of the current account.


Parameter NameTypeDescriptionRequired
ActionStringThe corresponding API command name, which is GetApiPointUsage for this API
PublicKeyStringUser's public key, which can be obtained from the User Center (opens in a new tab)
SignatureStringUser's signature generated based on the public key and API command, see Signature
request_uuidStringRequest UUID, randomly generated using the UUID generation method

Request Example

    "Action":    "GetApiPointUsage",
    "PublicKey": "ALLak9M4cNdHXKOJAJJ4k8Hh1hZS2EgJF1D0FlPwfl",
    "Signature": "0131f4e4296f3ca8e1220b47247e83a4315ea8e1"


Field NameTypeDescriptionRequired
RetCodeIntReturn status code. 0 indicates a successful response, non-zero indicates a failure.
ActionStringOperation command name.
MessageStringError message returned. Provides detailed description when RetCode is non-zero.
TotalPointNumIntTotal number of account API points
UsedPointNumIntNumber of account API points used
ExpireTimeIntAPI Points Expiration Time

Response Example

	"Action": "GetApiPointUsage",
	"RetCode": 0,
	"Message": "",
	"TotalPointNum": 100000,
	"UsedPointNum": 100,
	"ExpireTime": 1725693991