Product Updates in December

Product Updates in December


PICPIK.AI unveils its December product update, introducing powerful features for a revolutionary design experience, elevating your creativity to new heights!

Enhanced Semantic Understanding

We've overhauled our semantic understanding model, making it smarter and more adept at comprehending your design intentions.

For instance, envision a bed with a petal-shaped headboard.


Precision in Local Language Translation

Our keyword translation module now delivers precise translations for non-English keywords.

For example, a wine bottle with a dragon head.


Accelerated Image Generation

Now, image generation only requires 10 steps, halving the steps compared to the previous version. This significant speed boost ensures a smoother design experience.


Resolution Upgrade

Responding to customer feedback, we've comprehensively upgraded resolutions:

(1) Default resolution: Enhanced to 1024 * 1024px, revealing more details for sharper images.
(2) Maximum resolution: Elevated to 2880 * 2880px, providing more space for creative expression.
(3) Zoom-in resolution: Introduced 8K resolution, offering clarity in every nuance.


Model Management Launch

If PICPIK.AI's official models fall short of your needs, fret not! Utilize the "Model Management" feature to effortlessly download and manage various models from the civitai community.


Enhanced E-commerce Background Model

Tailored for e-commerce scene images, this model refinement ensures your products seamlessly integrate into scenes. Say goodbye to excessive adjustments, effortlessly providing an enticing e-commerce setting to enhance product allure and sales potential.


Launch of the Chinese Site

Welcome to the PICPIK.AI Chinese Site (opens in a new tab)! Purchase packages with Alipay. Please note, completing real-name verification is required to generate images, ensuring compliance with Chinese regulations.


API Releases for More Marketing Scenarios

We introduce two new APIs: "Background Generation" and "Transform Mannequin to Real Person," catering to e-commerce and marketing needs such as product shoot images and model representations.

Explore more in the API Documentation (opens in a new tab).

These upgrades and additions aim to provide a broader, more efficient design experience for diverse customer needs. Dive into the world of PICPIK.AI now and embark on a brand-new design journey!