Product Updates in October

Product Updates in October

It's been 1 month since PICPIK went live, let's see what updates and improvements have been made! 😄

What's new

API Product Release

PICPIK released a brand new API service, interfaces like text2image, image2image, ControlNet, image resize, face swap, face restoration, and redrawing are ready now, check out the PICIK API.

Higher Generation Quality

Small-size Image Generation (PS Plugin, version 0.62 (opens in a new tab))

Generating images too small easily leads to meaningless generated content and unavailable images. The new version of PS Plugin optimizes the logic of small-size image generation so that even small selections in PS can also generate usable images.

Improved Redrawing Tool (PS Plugin, version 0.62 (opens in a new tab))

The new redrawing tool not only enhances the interaction and the UX, but also makes the complementary content more natural and reasonable.

Small-size Faces Generation

The new version of PICPIK has been optimized for the problem of missing face details due to the small size of faces in the image, which has greatly improved the usability of portrait images.

Model Training Optimization

In terms of model training, we have optimized the default training parameters and improved the training results (especially portraits) for the problem of the “soft focus effect” and lack of details. The training results are more consistent with the style of the samples, and the number of training epochs with the same quality has been reduced greatly.

Improved Official Models

We have also optimized and updated official models to different degrees. For example, the landscape model produces more realistic and varied picture content:

Trigger Words: New York Streets

The original model had a high probability of generating wet ground and reflections, while the new model has a more randomized probability of producing such effects.

Again, interior design models are more likely to produce a variety of design styles:

Trigger Words: traditional Chinese living room

The original model tends to miss the style statements in the prompts when simple words are used, but the new version has a more accurate understanding of them.

Better Performances and More

Over the past month, we have also further improved the product performance. Whether uploading training material or generating images, you will get faster speeds and increased stability. In addition, more and more UX optimizations and product improvements are for you to explore, come and have a try!