Product Updates in November

Product Updates in November

Updates in November

In November, we focused on important iterations for the future (stay tuned for a December update 😎), but still optimized the online product to provide more value to our users:

Richer Default Models

We've listened to our users and added 4 new default models that are in wide demand: "E-commerce Background", "Chinese Style", "American Comic" and "3D Illustration". The "E-commerce Background" model is mainly used to output basic and generalized e-commerce poster background images, which helps users quickly generate discounts, promotions and other posters in scenarios with low design requirements.


"Chinese Style" and "American Comic" are two typical and trendy styles in the feedback we received. "3D Illustration" can help designers to quickly generate 3D illustration style elements that are popular nowadays.

The same prompts: "An airplane flying across the sky" is used to generate images with different models:

new styles

New Background Removing and Upscaling Features

We've added a new background removing feature on the web studio, which allows you to intelligently remove the background in one click, while preserving details such as hair. In addition, we also updated the AI upscaling algorithm, the new version does not need to manually select the style of the image, and the enlarged details are more natural.

upscale and remove background

Friendlier PS Plugin

If you do complicated operations in the past version of the PS plugin (e.g. Inpainting + ControlNet), it will lead to a longer waiting period, the new version greatly optimizes the process time in this kind of scene. In addition, we have also localized ControlNet (in Chinese), so that users who need to become more familiar with it can try it at any time.

PS controlnet

More Powerful APIs

To address the complexity of using APIs, we have completely redesigned the APIs and also provided a NodeJS SDK, which makes it faster and more convenient for developers to get started. At the same time, we have also launched several new interfaces related to content extraction and content detection to meet the needs of some API users.

Check API documentation for details.