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Terms of Service (Global Site)

Welcome to the PICPIK service website (referred to as "PICPIK" or "this platform") and use the services provided by this platform! This platform is operated by UCLOUD INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED. (referred to as "UCLOUD HK" or "this company" or "we"). Both UCLOUD HK and PICPIK registered users (referred to as "users" or "you") are parties to this user agreement, which has the effect of a contract and applies to all your activities on this platform.

Special Notice

  • Before you register as a PICPIK user, please read this agreement carefully. Please read and fully understand the content of each clause, especially the clauses that exempt or limit liability, the clauses on applicable law and dispute resolution. The clauses that exempt or limit liability will be highlighted in bold or other prominent signs, and you should pay special attention to them.

  • By clicking on buttons such as "Register" or "Login" that indicate your intention to register and use PICPIK, using our services, or following the instructions on the registration page to fill in information, read and agree to this agreement, and complete the entire registration process, you indicate that you have fully read, understood, and accepted all the contents of this agreement and the corresponding legal responsibilities, and have reached an agreement with us to become a "user" of PICPIK.

  • The content of this agreement includes the following clauses and various rules that have been or may be published in the future. All rules are an integral part of this agreement and have the same legal effect as the main text of the agreement. PICPIK has the right to formulate and modify this agreement or various rules from time to time in accordance with changes in national laws and regulations and the need to protect consumer rights and interests. If there are any changes to this agreement or the rules, all changes shall be based on the latest content published on this platform. The revised agreement and rules shall take effect immediately and have legal effect on users who register after the new agreement or rules come into effect. For users who registered before the agreement or rules came into effect, if they continue to use the services provided by this platform after the new rules come into effect, it means that they have fully read, acknowledged, and agreed to comply with the new agreement or rules. If you refuse to accept the new agreement and rules, you must give up using the services provided by PICPIK (including but not limited to logging in to PICPIK with a username and password, accessing or using the services, etc.).

  • If you have any questions about this agreement, you can consult the platform's customer service. During your reading of this agreement, if you do not agree to any provisions of this agreement, you should immediately stop registering and log out of your platform account, and stop using the platform's related services.

  • You should pay special attention to the fact that all content generated by the AI creation service provided by PICPIK is generated by artificial intelligence models. Although it has undergone continuous automatic and manual sensitive data filtering, it is still possible that some of the information may have defects, be unreasonable, or cause discomfort. You have the obligation to carefully review the content of the images generated by using the PICPIK service for AI creation. If the generated images are suspected of being illegal, sensitive, harmful, or violating public order and good customs, you are not allowed to store the relevant images by means such as screenshots, downloads, photographs, videos, or screen captures, nor are you allowed to send, distribute, or commercialize them. Otherwise, you will be solely responsible for all liabilities arising from any illegal or improper activities using the generated content. PICPIK has the right to hold you accountable for any losses incurred as a result.

1. Service Content and Form

(I) Service Content

PICPIK is an auxiliary creation platform tool provided by UCLOUD HK for users. Here, you can generate creative artworks in different styles and also support training your own exclusive models.

PICPIK can provide services such as AI creation, models, and training. The services provided will gradually increase with the development of the business. Welcome to log in to the platform to browse and use.

(II) Service Form

To use this service, you need to access the website: PICPIK.AI (opens in a new tab), or use this service through the drawing software plugin supported by PICPIK. For this service, PICPIK grants you a personal, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license. You can only use this service for the purpose of accessing or using this service within the scope of laws and regulations.

2. Account Registration and Usage Guidelines

(I) Account Registration

  • You confirm that when you complete the registration process or actually use this service in other ways allowed by PICPIK, you should be a natural person, legal person, or other organization with full civil rights and capacity for civil conduct (hereinafter referred to as "You").

  • If you are a minor or a person with limited capacity for civil conduct, you do not have the aforementioned subject qualification. You and your guardian shall bear all consequences caused by your improper registration behavior.

  • You also need to ensure that you are not subject to any trade restrictions, sanctions, or other legal or regulatory restrictions implemented by any country, international organization, or region. Otherwise, you may not be able to register and use the PICPIK service normally.

  • On the PICPIK account login page, you need to fill in your email and mobile phone number according to the page instructions to obtain the verification code for login. The first login is considered as completing the registration of this account. After your successful registration, PICPIK will provide you with a platform account for your use (you can set the name, login password, etc. of the account by yourself). You are responsible for keeping the account and password secure. All actions of this account in PICPIK are considered as your own actions, and you shall be legally responsible for all activities and events carried out by this account.

  • The account name you set must not violate national laws and regulations, public order and good customs, social ethics, platform management norms, or cause confusion between you and UCLOUD HK's identity. Otherwise, your account may not be registered successfully or UCLOUD HK has the right to cancel it after notifying you.

  • Under normal circumstances, your PICPIK account is the unique identity for all activities on this platform. Unless otherwise specified, each PICPIK account can operate independently on this website. However, in the following situations, UCLOUD HK reserves the right to handle multiple PICPIK accounts owned by the same and/or related legal entities collectively, based on its own judgment, if PICPIK determines that they belong to the same user based on the associated information of different PICPIK accounts during registration, login, and usage. Examples of associated information include the same identification document, phone number, payment account, device, and address.

(II) Account Freeze, Cancellation, and Appeals

1. Account Freeze

Your PICPIK account (including all or partial permissions or functions) may be frozen in the following situations (e.g., account login restriction, restricted fund withdrawal, etc.), and UCLOUD HK will notify you through email, internal messages, SMS, or phone calls:

  • Based on the needs of PICPIK website or service operation and transaction security, if you engage in or may engage in activities that undermine or attempt to undermine the fair trading environment or normal trading order of UCLOUD HK or its affiliated companies, or any activities that use UCLOUD HK or its affiliated companies' names or brands and may mislead others, or any activities that use certain Chinese or English (full name or abbreviation), numbers, domain names, etc., to represent or map to UCLOUD HK or its affiliated companies;

  • Violation of the terms of this agreement, relevant rules and norms of the PICPIK website (such as platform security rules, transaction rules, management norms, etc.), service instructions, and other service agreements/terms;

  • Violation of national laws, regulations, policies, and legal documents;

  • Complaints have been filed against you by others, and the other party has provided relevant evidence, but you have failed to provide contrary evidence as requested by us;

  • UCLOUD HK reasonably determines that there are abnormalities in your account operations, earnings, exchanges, etc.;

  • Freeze requested by competent national authorities;

  • UCLOUD HK reasonably determines that the same user is involved in similar behaviors or risks as mentioned above.

2. Account Cancellation

2.1 Your PICPIK account will be canceled in the following situations:
  • UCLOUD HK processes your account cancellation request submitted by yourself in accordance with the law and the account cancellation process.

  • In severe cases or based on the request of competent national authorities, UCLOUD HK cancels your relevant PICPIK account and notifies you through email, SMS, phone calls, or other appropriate means.

  • If you have not logged into the PICPIK website for 12 consecutive months (including the account freeze period), and there are no unexpired related rights under your account, UCLOUD HK has the right (but not the obligation) to cancel your account.

2.2 You understand and agree that once your account is canceled, you will:
  • No longer be able to log in to the PICPIK website, etc.;

  • No longer have access to the control panel or cloud site control panel;

  • No longer be able to perform other operations dependent on account permissions;

  • Not be able to retrieve personal information, transaction records, business data, historical information, etc. under the account;

  • However, the account cancellation does not exempt or reduce your liability for all account activities prior to the cancellation.

2.3 After the account cancellation, UCLOUD HK will:
  • Have no right to continue collecting, storing, and using your personal information and data, except as required by laws and regulations, such as retaining corresponding invoice information for tax compliance purposes;

  • Have the obligation to ensure that all data under your account cannot be retrieved or accessed in the systems involved in daily business functions, subject to compliance with laws and regulations;

  • The account cancellation does not affect UCLOUD HK's fulfillment of obligations related to confirming the user's true identity before the account cancellation, as required by regulatory authorities or other legal scenarios.

3. Appeals

In the event of the aforementioned account freeze or cancellation, you should pay attention to it in a timely manner and can proceed with appeals or other follow-up operations according to the procedures:

  • If you apply for the lifting of the aforementioned freeze or cancellation through the appeals process, for the security of your account, you should cooperate and provide truthful proof of identity and related materials, as well as other information or documents requested by UCLOUD HK for verification. You should fully understand that your appeal may not necessarily be granted, and UCLOUD HK has the right to decide whether to approve your appeal request.

  • You understand and agree that if you refuse to provide truthful proof of identity and related materials or fail to pass UCLOUD HK's review, UCLOUD HK has the right to freeze the account for an extended period and restrict some or all of the account's functions until the aforementioned situation is reasonably corrected or the account is canceled based on the provisions of this agreement.

  • You understand and agree that if you have multiple PICPIK accounts under your name and one or more accounts are frozen or canceled due to your illegal, non-compliant, or breach behaviors, UCLOUD HK has the right to freeze or cancel all or part of your other accounts based on specific circumstances and the degree of related risks.

(III) Service Usage Guidelines

1. You shall ensure that you shall not and shall not directly or indirectly:

  • Delete, hide, or alter any patent, copyright, trademark, ownership, and other rights statements displayed on or included in the PICPIK service;

  • Interfere with or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of any part or function of the PICPIK service;

  • Bypass, attempt to bypass, or use any content protection mechanisms or PICPIK service data measurement tools that claim to bypass them;

  • Use any registered or unregistered trademarks, service marks, company logos (LOGOs), URLs, or other marks originating from PICPIK in written or graphic form without the prior written consent of PICPIK;

  • Use any marks, including but not limited to PICPIK's marks, in a manner that tarnishes, weakens, or damages the rights of the owners of such marks, or in a manner that sets or declares obligations or grants any rights or permissions to yourself or any other person in violation of this agreement;

  • Display or otherwise provide any user information to any non-original user without the prior consent of the original user;

  • Request, collect, solicit, or obtain access to PICPIK accounts, passwords, or other authentication credentials from any user in any illegal manner;

  • Without the written permission of our company, any user or third party shall not engage in the following behaviors regarding the information content of PICPIK products and related services:

    1. Copying, reading, or using the information content of PICPIK products and related services for commercial purposes, including but not limited to promotion, increasing readership, page views, etc.

    2. Unauthorized editing, organizing, or arranging the information content of PICPIK products and related services and displaying it outside the source pages of PICPIK products and related services.

    3. Adopting any form of identification methods, including but not limited to special marks, special codes, etc., to generate traffic, readership guidance, transfer, hijacking, or any other adverse effects on the information content of PICPIK products and related services, either by oneself or by assisting a third party.

    4. Any other illegal acquisition or use of the information content of PICPIK products and related services.

  • Without the written permission of our company, any user or third party shall not directly or indirectly steal the videos, images, and other information content of PICPIK products and related services in any way (including but not limited to hotlinking, redundant stealing, illegal crawling, simulated downloading, deep linking, fake registration, etc.), or delete or change the rights management electronic information of the relevant information content in any way (including but not limited to hiding or modifying domain names, platform-specific marks, usernames, etc.).

  • After obtaining written permission from our company, users and third parties shall also comply with the following specifications regarding the sharing and forwarding of the information content of PICPIK products and related services:

    1. No modifications shall be made to the source web pages of PICPIK products and related services in any form, including but not limited to the homepage links of PICPIK products and related services, advertising system links, etc., and no obstruction shall be made to the display of the source pages of PICPIK products and related services in any form, such as covering, inserting, pop-ups, etc.

    2. Secure, effective, and rigorous measures shall be taken to prevent the illegal acquisition of the information content of PICPIK products and related services by third parties through any form, including but not limited to "spider" programs.

    3. The relevant data content shall not be used for purposes beyond the scope of written permission from the company, sold or commercially used in any form, or disclosed, provided, or allowed for use by third parties in any way.

  • If a user violates any of the above guarantees, UCLOUD HK has the right to issue warnings, block, suspend, or terminate services based on the severity of the situation. If a user's violation of the above guarantees causes any losses to the PICPIK product service, PICPIK product service users, or any partners of UCLOUD HK, the user shall be solely responsible for all legal liabilities and compensation for the losses. If relevant institutions determine that UCLOUD HK is liable for such violations, UCLOUD HK has the right to seek compensation from you.

2. Platform Services and Regulations

  • The information content referred to in this agreement refers to any content you create, copy, publish, or distribute during your use of this service, including but not limited to PICPIK account, name, registration information, authentication materials, and other content generated by using PICPIK platform services, also known as PICPIK platform information content.

  • You understand and agree that PICPIK is committed to providing users with a civilized, healthy, and orderly online environment. You shall not use PICPIK platform services to create, copy, publish, or spread content that disrupts the normal operation order of PICPIK platform, violates laws and regulations, or infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties. You shall not use PICPIK services for any illegal purposes.

  • You understand and agree that your words and actions on this platform must comply with relevant laws, regulations, and PICPIK platform policies. You shall not engage in any illegal or improper activities, including but not limited to:

    1. Opposing the basic principles established by the constitution;

    2. Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting the state power, or undermining national unity;

    3. Harming national honor and interests;

    4. Inciting ethnic hatred, discrimination, or undermining ethnic unity;

    5. Undermining the state's religious policies, promoting cults and feudal superstitions;

    6. Spreading rumors, disrupting social order, or undermining social stability;

    7. Spreading obscene, pornographic, gambling, violent, murderous, terrorist, or instigating criminal content;

    8. Insulting or defaming others, infringing upon their legitimate rights;

    9. Violating local laws, regulations, rules, ordinances, and any norm with legal effect on the platform.

  • If your use of PICPIK services to upload, create, transmit, or disseminate content infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of third parties (including but not limited to patent rights, trademark rights, copyright and neighboring rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, reputation rights, etc.), resulting in any complaints, reports, inquiries, claims, lawsuits against UCLOUD HK, its affiliated companies, or other units cooperating with UCLOUD HK, or causing any reputation, reputation, or property losses to UCLOUD HK, its affiliated companies, or other units cooperating with UCLOUD HK, you shall take all possible measures to ensure that UCLOUD HK, its affiliated companies, and other units cooperating with UCLOUD HK are not affected by the above claims or lawsuits. At the same time, you shall be fully liable for all direct and indirect economic losses suffered by UCLOUD HK, its affiliated companies, and other units cooperating with UCLOUD HK. If the relevant authorities determine that PICPIK is liable for this, PICPIK has the right to recover from you.

  • You shall not use new technologies and applications based on deep learning, virtual reality, and other technologies to create, publish, or disseminate false information. When publishing or disseminating non-real information created using new technologies and applications based on deep learning, virtual reality, etc., you shall clearly indicate it.

  • Your behavior of publishing content or sharing, forwarding, and copying PICPIK product and related service information with any third party shall also comply with other specifications and standards formulated by the company for this purpose.

  • In order to promote the healthy development of internet content, all your actions on the PICPIK platform shall comply with laws and regulations, not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, not disrupt social order, not exceed the moral bottom line, and ensure the authenticity of information. You shall be responsible for all actions under your registered account, including any content you publish and any consequences arising therefrom. You shall independently judge the content in this service and bear all risks arising from the use of the content, including the risks arising from the legality, correctness, completeness, or usefulness of the content. PICPIK cannot and will not be held responsible for any losses or damages caused by the aforementioned risks.

3. User Notices

  • Any user who finds content in PICPIK that is suspected of insulting or defaming others, infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others, or violating the PICPIK User Service Agreement, has the right to contact us to make a complaint.

  • In order to provide a high-quality creative platform for users and promote the healthy development of PICPIK, strict measures will be taken against users who engage in reactionary, pornographic, pirated, or harmful content. Once such behavior is discovered, temporary or permanent suspension of the ID and deletion of all published content will be imposed depending on the circumstances.

  • If UCLOUD HK discovers or receives reports or complaints from others about users violating the provisions of this agreement, UCLOUD HK has the right to delete the relevant content at any time without notice and take actions such as warnings, restrictions, partial or complete account suspension, or cancellation, and announce the results of the actions.

  • You understand and agree that UCLOUD HK has the right to impose penalties on behaviors that violate relevant laws, regulations, or provisions of this agreement based on reasonable judgment. UCLOUD HK may take appropriate legal actions against any user engaged in illegal or non-compliant activities and report relevant information to the relevant authorities. Users shall bear all legal responsibilities arising therefrom.

  • You understand and agree that you shall be solely responsible for any claims, demands, or losses asserted by third parties resulting from your violation of this agreement or relevant service terms. If UCLOUD HK suffers any losses as a result, it has the right to seek compensation from you.

  • You understand and agree that in order to provide you with effective services, this platform service requires the use of resources such as the processor and bandwidth of your terminal device. The use of this platform service may incur data traffic charges, and you need to inquire about the relevant tariff information from your network operator and bear the related expenses.

  • When using a specific service of this platform service, there may be separate agreements, related business rules, etc. (collectively referred to as "separate agreements"). Please read and agree to the relevant separate agreements before using the service. By using the aforementioned specific service, you are deemed to have accepted the relevant separate agreements.

  • When using this service, you shall bear the following risks that are beyond PICPIK's control, including but not limited to:

    1. Risks of personal information loss or leakage caused by irresistible factors;

    2. You must choose a service version that matches the installed terminal device. Otherwise, you shall bear any problems or damages caused by the mismatch between the service and the terminal device model;

    3. You shall bear the risks associated with accessing third-party websites when using this service, including risks caused by third-party websites and related content;

    4. Risks such as PICPIK account login failure, incomplete data synchronization, and slow page opening caused by unstable wireless network signals, limited wireless network bandwidth, etc.

    5. You confirm and understand that all content generated by the current experience service is generated by artificial intelligence models. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and functionality of the generated content, and the generated content does not represent our attitude or viewpoint. Our service is based on the accumulation of information permitted by laws and regulations, including but not limited to publicly available internet information, and has undergone continuous automatic and manual sensitive data filtering. However, there may still be some flawed, unreasonable, or offensive information. In such cases, we welcome and appreciate your reports through the methods provided on this platform.

  • Third-Party Products and Services

    1. When using products or services provided by third parties in this platform service, please comply with the third party's user agreement. We do not assume any responsibility for disputes that may arise between you and third-party products or services.

    2. When users use this platform service or request PICPIK to provide specific services, this platform service may call third-party systems or support users' use or access through third-party services (including but not limited to content accessed through the personal center). We do not guarantee the security, accuracy, effectiveness, and other uncertain risks of services and content provided by third parties. Any disputes and damages caused by this are unrelated to this platform, and this platform does not assume any responsibility.

    3. You understand and agree that we have the right to use this platform service for commercial purposes, including but not limited to developing and promoting some services of this platform for third parties. However, this does not mean that we assume any legal responsibility for third-party products or services. We promise to protect your personal information strictly in accordance with the law and this agreement during the promotion process. At the same time, you can choose to block or refuse to receive related promotional information according to the system settings.

4. Service Fees

  • Some services provided by PICPIK are free of charge.

  • PICPIK charges for package plans and add-on packages. For specific package details and add-on pricing, please refer to the purchase link for more information on the charging cycle.

  • PICPIK may modify and change the charged services, charging standards, and methods as needed. Prior to any modifications, changes, or implementation of fees, PICPIK will notify or announce on the corresponding service page. If you do not agree with the aforementioned modifications, changes, or payment terms, you should immediately stop using the service.

3. Protection of User Personal Information

  • Protecting user personal information is a fundamental principle of this platform. This platform will take reasonable measures to protect user personal information. Except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations, this platform will not disclose or disclose user personal information to third parties without the user's permission. The "Privacy Policy" of this platform's PICPIK service describes how this platform collects and uses your personal information when you use the PICPIK service. By using the PICPIK service, you agree that this platform may collect and use your personal information in accordance with the "Privacy Policy". This platform uses professional encryption storage and transmission methods to ensure the security of user personal information.

  • During the application process for this service, you need to provide some necessary information. Please keep this information true, accurate, legal, and valid, and update it in a timely manner so that this platform can provide you with timely and effective assistance or better serve you. According to relevant laws, regulations, and policies, please provide true identity information. If the information you provide is incomplete or inaccurate, you may not be able to use this service or may be restricted during the use.

  • In general, you can browse and modify the information you have submitted at any time. However, for security and identity verification purposes (such as during the account appeal period), you may not be able to modify the initial registration information and other verification information provided during registration.

  • This platform will establish a comprehensive management system using various security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

  • Without your consent, this platform will not disclose your personal information to any company, organization, or individual outside of this platform, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.

  • This platform attaches great importance to the protection of personal information of minors. If you are under the age of 18, you should obtain written consent from your parents or legal guardians before using the PICPIK service.

  • You should fully respect the personal information of any individual, including but not limited to other users, that you may learn, receive, or have access to through this platform. You should not collect, copy, store, transmit, or use the personal information of other users in any other way. Otherwise, you will bear the consequences of such actions on your own.

4. Intellectual Property and Related Rights

  • This platform reserves the complete and indivisible rights, including but not limited to ownership, intellectual property rights, and/or other legal rights, to the following content and information:

    1. UVMS services and all its elements, including but not limited to all content, data, technology, software, code, user interface, trademarks, logos, and any derivative works related to it.

    2. Any information and feedback provided by users to UVMS services.

  • Without the consent of this platform or explicit agreement, you shall not directly or indirectly publish, broadcast, rewrite, redistribute, or use the above-mentioned materials for any commercial purposes. This platform shall not be liable to users or any third party for any delay, inaccuracy, errors, omissions, damages, or compensation arising from or related to the above-mentioned materials in any form, during the transmission or delivery of all or part of the above-mentioned materials.

  • All rights to any software (including but not limited to any images, photos, animations, videos, recordings, music, text, and accompanying materials) used by UVMS services for providing network services belong to the copyright holder of the software. Without the permission of the copyright holder of the software, users shall not engage in any acts of reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, or discovering the original code of the software, or any acts that may infringe upon the copyright.

  • If you are a paid user, the intellectual property rights to the content generated by using this service belong to you. If you are a free user, the intellectual property rights to the content generated by using this service belong to UVMS.

  • You understand and agree that when you share, forward, or copy the content of the UVMS platform with any third party, you shall comply with the specifications and standards set by the UVMS platform, including but not limited to displaying the original link of the information or content, ensuring the normal functionality associated with the information or content, etc.

  • Any unauthorized acquisition of information or materials without the written consent of this platform and the rights holder constitutes illegal infringement. You acknowledge and agree that in order to timely and effectively protect your legitimate rights and interests based on the services of this platform, you specifically authorize this platform to take legal measures in its own name or through professional third-party organizations to safeguard its interests when it discovers that your legitimate rights and interests (including but not limited to information network dissemination rights, copyright, etc.) may be infringed upon and further harm the interests of the platform. The authorized measures include but are not limited to infringement monitoring, sending warning letters, filing administrative reports, initiating lawsuits, applying for arbitration, transferring to investigative authorities for handling, mediation, and settlement. You only authorize the above-mentioned events related to your own rights. Please note that your authorization to this platform does not imply the existence of any shared interest mechanism between you and this platform, nor does it imply that this platform has the obligation to assert your rights to external parties. This platform also has the right to choose to let you handle matters related to your own rights.

  • We respect intellectual property rights, and the graphics, patterns, photos, design drafts, works, trademarks, logos, appearance designs, etc. ("Uploaded Content") uploaded by you through this platform will always be your assets.

  • As a paid user, you understand and agree that for the content generated by you through the use of the service, you grant UCloud HK, its affiliates, and successors a perpetual, global, non-exclusive, sublicensable, free, and irrevocable license to use, store, copy, transmit, and use it in various marketing activities, including but not limited to storage, copying, transmission, editing, display, and dissemination on this platform or other third-party platforms. This license shall remain valid even after the termination of this agreement by either party for any reason.

  • If you are not a paid user, you do not own the assets you create. Instead, PICPIK will be governed by the "Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International" license (CC BY-SA 4.0 (opens in a new tab)).

  • The intellectual property rights of the content contained in the services of this platform are protected by law. Without the written permission of this platform, users, or relevant rights holders, no one may use or create related derivative works in any form.

5. Disclaimer

  • Due to the special nature of network services, users agree that PICPIK services may change, interrupt, or terminate all or part of the network services at any time. If the changed, interrupted, or terminated network services are free network services, PICPIK is not required to notify users or assume any responsibility to any user or third party.

  • You understand that PICPIK services need regular or irregular maintenance or repair of the platforms or related equipment that provide network services. If the charging network services are interrupted for a reasonable period of time due to such circumstances, PICPIK services are not responsible for this, but PICPIK should give prior notice whenever possible.

  • PICPIK may change the services or delete some functions at any time for any reason. PICPIK may cancel or terminate services to users at any time. The decision to cancel or terminate services by PICPIK does not require any reason or notice to users. Once the service is canceled, the user's right to use this service is immediately terminated. Once this service is canceled or terminated, any information stored by the user in this service may not be recoverable.

  • UCLOUD HK does not guarantee (including but not limited to):

    1. PICPIK services are suitable for user requirements;

    2. PICPIK services are uninterrupted, timely, secure, reliable, or error-free, and any products, services, or other materials obtained by users through this platform meet their expectations;

    3. You bear the risk of using any information obtained through this platform; you are fully responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data caused by such use.

  • This platform is not liable for any direct or indirect compensation for profits, business reputation, data loss, or other tangible or intangible losses caused by the following reasons:

    1. Use or inability to use this service;

    2. Any products, information, or services purchased or obtained through this service;

    3. Unauthorized use or modification of your information; and other matters related to this service.

  • You are responsible for any disputes or losses caused by authorizing third parties (including third-party applications) to access and use this service.

  • This platform will provide you with corresponding services based on the service type you choose. You understand and agree that based on factors such as user experience, PICPIK platform's operational security, platform rules requirements, and healthy development, this platform has the right to select the objects to provide services or cooperate with, has the right to decide the objects and scope of functionality opening, data interfaces, and related data disclosure, and has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of this service to users in specific situations, including but not limited to the following cases:

    1. Violation of laws, regulations, or provisions of this agreement;

    2. Affecting user experience;

    3. Existing security risks;

    4. Contrary to PICPIK platform's operational principles or not meeting other management requirements of this platform.

6. Third-Party Software or Technology

  • This platform's services may use third-party software or technology (including open-source code and public domain code, etc., the same below), and the use has obtained legal authorization.

  • If this platform's services use third-party software or technology, this platform will display the relevant agreements or other documents according to relevant regulations or agreements. They may be expressed in the form of "Software Usage License Agreement," "Authorization Agreement," "Open Source Code License," or other forms. The aforementioned agreements, other documents, and web pages displayed in various forms are an inseparable part of this agreement and have the same legal effect as this agreement. You should comply with these requirements. If you fail to comply with these requirements, the third party or government agencies may file a lawsuit, impose fines, or take other sanctions against you and request the assistance of this platform. You shall bear the legal responsibility on your own.

  • Any disputes arising from the use of third-party software or technology used in this service shall be the responsibility of the third party, and this platform is not liable for any responsibility. This platform does not provide customer support for third-party software or technology. If you need support, please contact the third party.

7. Liability for Breach

(I) Breach Situations

  • If any of the following situations occurs when you access or use this platform service, it will be considered as a breach of contract:

    1. Violation of laws and regulations;

    2. Violation of all platform user service terms and rules, including this agreement and supplementary agreements.

  • During the use of PICPIK, if you discover any facts that may infringe upon your rights or the rights of PICPIK, you should promptly notify us and provide corresponding supporting materials. If false complaints cause losses to us or third parties, you shall bear legal responsibilities.

  • When we investigate relevant dispute facts, you have the obligation to reasonably explain and provide evidence for the relevant facts. If you neither make a reasonable explanation nor provide any evidence, nor take any effective remedial measures (if necessary), we may determine that you have breached the contract based on your passive attitude and take corresponding remedial measures.

(II) Measures for Breach and Infringement Handling

  • If the information you publish on the PICPIK platform constitutes a breach or infringement, UCLOUD HK can immediately delete or block the corresponding information according to the relevant rules.

  • If your actions on the PICPIK platform have an impact on the platform and its users, constituting a breach or infringement, UCLOUD HK can require you to rectify the violations or breaches within a specified period of time, block or restrict your use of certain platform functions, block or delete illegal, non-compliant, or infringing content, suspend or terminate the provision of partial or all services to you, and take other reasonable measures. If your actions constitute a fundamental breach, UCLOUD HK can terminate this agreement and related agreements and stop providing services to you.

  • UCLOUD HK may publicly disclose information about the measures taken against your breaches or infringements on the platform, as well as other illegal information confirmed by effective legal documents from national administrative or judicial authorities.

(III) Liability for Compensation

  • If your actions cause losses to UCLOUD HK, its affiliated companies, or third-party payment companies (including direct economic losses, loss of goodwill, compensation, settlement fees, attorney fees, litigation costs, and other indirect economic losses), you shall compensate UCLOUD HK, its affiliated companies, and third-party payment companies for all the aforementioned losses.

  • The compensation losses referred to in this agreement include both direct economic losses and indirect losses, including but not limited to compensation, compensation for loss of goodwill, expected profits, travel expenses, printing fees, accommodation and dining expenses, communication expenses, notary fees, announcement fees, property preservation fees, attorney fees, case acceptance fees, taxes, etc.

  • You agree and acknowledge that, unless otherwise provided by mandatory laws, the maximum cumulative amount of compensation or indemnification you can claim from the platform operator shall be limited to the actual amount of your consumption.

8. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

  • This clause is governed by the laws of Hong Kong, China, without regard to its conflict of laws provisions. Both parties to this clause hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong, China.

  • If any provision of this agreement is terminated or deemed to be terminated, invalid, or unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed as a severable provision of this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

  • Unless UCLOUD HK makes a written statement, any actions taken by UCLOUD HK shall not be construed as a waiver of rights under any circumstances.

9. Contact Information

  • If you have any questions during the use of this platform or any opinions or suggestions regarding this agreement, please contact the platform customer service at support@picpik.ai.